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The Wedding (for cryin' out loud, let them dance!)

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, July 29 2022 at 07:23:56AM

It's a wedding. She's approaching puberty, and she's been expressing herself for the last 2 hours on the dance floor by herself like the energizer bunny.

Your brother-in-law isn't a bad guy, even though you still probably wouldn't leave him alone to babysit the kids for more than an hour, tops.

For whatever reason, she nevertheless feels safe and confident around him, enough to finally express herself publicly and without shyness.

Let's face it, most of you are a little pooped by now and just sitting and chatting observers.

One of the most beautiful things I've remembered in life, even from before I knew who I like-liked, was just watching the ever-so-slightly buzzed adult relative, filling in for her needed Prince Charming role, something that other men "with a reputation to uphold"... were far too afraid to fill. (Note that I am presuming he is an adult male with no felony sexual assaults under his belt, of course. Just maybe a prior bar-fight or a driving under the influence, perhaps. He snuck out back with the servers earlier to toke a joint, maybe, but he knows right from wrong where it really counts. He tries, and you at least know his heart is usually in the right place.)

Let them put on her show! Let them dance. They are being watched by dozens or hundreds of guests. Nothing bad is going to happen!

They are fulfilling and demonstrating the natural progression of a girl's life. Anyone trained to see debauchery here? Well, they clearly have a problem. One SHOULD be, instead, witnessing a young girl growing into her traditional western womanhood, and marveling at it being expressed for all to see. It's her moment. Let her have that moment.

Just a reality check for some of our haters. You miss out on life when you automatically suspect everything has some diabolical treacherous intent.

See something for the true beauty that it is once in a while.

• ( https link ) When ur bass player was still holding a mess together.

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