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not sure about the L.

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, July 26 2022 at 04:57:25AM
In reply to Redding? posted by sadlife on Monday, July 25 2022 at 01:01:10AM

I never proofread myself. I endure the snickers willingly. Long ago I think I tried to do that when other posters were making me try harder.

I may get what you intend. Left and Right are both largely compromised today.

As I was yelling to myself earlier, even the scientific community, educational institutions, mainstream media, and other formerly long-respected sources of authority are now compromised to a point which is deadly to a healthy and happy society. They feed us a constant state crisis as a means to secure and maintain power, fear of sickness, fear of global catastrophe, and lack of hope generally. And it is now obvious that it is intended to inflict harm, mentally, emotionally, and physically.. from multiple directions at once.

I think a large majority are finally awakening to it, and it is hella scary to those who didn't see it until more recently. But yes, Left or Right, the infiltration against the masses knows no label. It's up to people to decide individually who is honest and full of shit. And God help us all with the number of clueless zombies that have been grown to be exactly such today. They are EVERYWHERE.

Redding? Just a super hot place with a random hotel to stop overnight on the way to Socal. I'm sure it still has its share of great people.


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