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Such a lovely song, yet so turned off by its band.

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, July 24 2022 at 04:56:48AM

Delved into it yesterday out of old curiosity. As way often leads on to way for me, I was further turned off tonight by hearing these foreign white dudes waxing virtuous at the Apollo about how American blacks should view American whites. UGH. It may have been the 80's, but from my 80's teens to my current '22, their pompous appropriation still gets me cringing all the same.

Later, saw a vid of them smirking at their own country's musical elders who invited them to sing along to a meaningful classic back in the day. Just so wrong, on so many levels. Ick.

Still, it's art when a particular song is able to speak to opposite viewpoints at once, whether it was the intention or not. It's a magical entity of its own.

It's the one exception for love I have, from a band I instinctively knew to dislike as awkwardly disingenuous even back in my teens, but who made it bigger than most anyway, and even getting rep status with the UN.

Again, ick. Just like how they choose childless skeleton middle-age celebrity women to push their weird global agendas.

I don't like the people of this band.

But I camp in quiet places in summer, amid a fading twilight, bright memories and calming stars,

• ( https link ) so I can still choose to love a remembered song deeply.

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