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Estonia... SHIT, dilettantes

Posted by griffith on Friday, July 08 2022 at 08:03:48AM

I have to say this once in my life.

For so long I heard hints of Estonia.

I have visited Estonia once, in 1994, one-day trip. It shows how much interest I have in Estonia. Never wanted to visit that place again.

Pure, poor dilettantes. Guys liking some OLD hair-assed whores went there. Some low-intelligence Finnish or Swedish guys.

Estonia was never interesting in any respect. Let me say that I DESPISE those dilettantes, Estonians, Finnish or Swedish... They have not seen anything. I am an intelligent man.

But as for the common, normal Estonians... I appreciate them.

Lithuania might have been different, an interesting place, DECADES ago.

Not Estonia, shit.

But I love normal law-abiding Estonians. The rest are just dilettantes.

Those guys who don't even speak French or Sanskrit, just a little Estonian, just a little Swedish. Go to dig ditches, don't talk to a top intelligent guy.


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