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Gettin 2b where u can't even pee on a teen anymore

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, July 01 2022 at 00:33:02AM

Alright, I can't honestly say I've "kep" up with the R Kelly story. I only sorta remember Chappelle making fun of him with a skit, but was anything more dastardly ever proven that got him 30 years?

All I remember is some 17-year-old getto gold digger, and I think some other famous young singer who may have died in a plane crash that he was in love with.

To paraphrase what Chappelle once said somewhere in my foggy memories, when I was a teenager, I already knew whether or not I was willing to let somebody pee on me!

I dunno man. A whole lot of black men who achieve big fame seem to get taken down by hustlin' females from the hood. Maybe I'm startin' to understand why some of em switch to white chicks after they get famous. Oh I said it.

Yeezy may have to watch his back for his past. I thought that guy was overly paranoid, but maybe he's just really smart after all.

This famous-American-black-man-lifted-then-taken-down-publicly theme is an ongoing one for me over the years. Seems to be a pattern.

It seems nearly everything's a valid conspiracy these days. This 4th of July, look up to the sky, and wonder why there's always so many parallel contrails in the sky on your backyard bbq holidays. Your tax dollars at work.


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