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The ones they call "the authorities"

Posted by Love2uall on Wednesday, June 15 2022 at 1:27:09PM

Hi all,
a few years ago I saw an horror happening when 3 of my friends who were living together were arrested and shamed publicly accused of having downloaded some files from the internet.

I lost track of them afterwards, but met one of them last year, it was a happy day for me (and BTW I'd like to see you again if you want, I have important things to tell you, just email me).

The police destroyed their peaceful life, they were not hurting anyone (including children), they got traumatized I'm sure.

The ones who assaulted them as the tactic squad are no more than legalized terrorists who have no education other than high-school as far as I know: have not studied psychology, sexology nor philosophy, have a very limited consciousness/mentality I'd say, and it's these people who the news call "the authorities", and keep the population under constant fear, shame, terrorism, and ignorance.
They're following orders without ever questioning them, I wonder if they know they're just a big part of the problem, if they can ever think that far enough.

I'm sure some do, I've met some police in the past who were not stupid, some of them just want to help others, but I've also met some of them with a very judgemental and "limited" mentality, and some of them probably go there to feel superior or to let go of their inner frustrations (or control problem), and can become violent.

And of course the media is a big part of that also.
Once you've taken the red pill you see it... ;)
At least I do.


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