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Having been spotted ages ago..

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, June 08 2022 at 06:08:50AM

Why should someone else's honesty suffer for pathetic intended secretive interactions?

I mean, even Musk has now proven Twitter is at least 25% bots (which says NOTHING of the other 25-50 who are special, corporate, or national interest fakes from around the world). They call him stupid. That's one thing I would never call him.

GC got the early method-low-down there, did we not? So many losers trying to game the board from their basements, some with temporary financial backing from corporate news giants. Losers, All.

A-who ya think ya foolin?

Yer mum sleepin' with yer classmates prolly did some lifelong mind-damage, if I had to guess some PhD's much more financially expensive "official" opinion.

"Just plantin' seeds." - Hicks

(Yes, I've had major fantasies of sleeping with my non-existent daughters' hot friends, but this is (quite obviously) something completely different.)


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