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Mass-Murder of Kids? Nope. That's State-Sponsored.

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, May 26 2022 at 06:13:09AM

Yes, even when it happens in Texas.

I believe there are black-ops connected to both major and less-than-major social media sites, geared for manipulation of, both "groups" of like-minded individuals, as well as targeting (young) individuals. Manipulation of the latter person is my focus.

I'm not skilled enough to name you, but I still see it, and I am calling you out here and now. You are a state-sponsored entity funded by "black-ops" money, and you are zeroing in on young male individuals in the guise of their "random" fellow posters, encouraging them to commit heinous acts, with things that seem witty to them, or otherwise logical.

We're going to identify you one of these days. God help you when the trail leads back to your wickedness. Snicker now. Drawn and quartered on pay-per-view will be too gentle.

Ugh. When you see it. When you know it. When you just wish you had the documents of its psychological-directive.

We see you. We're on to you. We are watching your calculated link-overs and grooms. You are not just random fellow posters. We see you now.

You State-Sponsored Fuckers.

My threats won't make a dent until random hackers.

Wish I had a dealer to give me shit to sleep. Oh well, the booze will kill me eventually. Hopefully not before government-sponsored groomers who convinced people to mass-murder get revealed as an actual, dirty thing.


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