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An AA member

Posted by griffith on Tuesday, May 24 2022 at 5:56:32PM

Let's first say that I am already tired of those murder videos, but I am not going back to the normal movies, because they don't interest me any more. There are some movies that I can watch over and over if I happen to run into them, such as The Thing and Alien or Halloween or Kalifornia, just to give a few examples. But in general fictional movies cannot sustain my interest any more.

It is the same with books. I learned to read as a small child and after that read an enormous amount of books and learned to know the world literature quite well, but now it is difficult to wade through a thick book. To be honest, the only "culture" I am interested in is my own writing... And yes, I still read some master novels over and over, mostly allegorical ones.

But today I just happened to notice that Luis Garavito, a Columbian serial killer, one of the worst, at least 140 victims, attended AA meetings from 1978 on. His sobriety did not last though. This somehow surprised me and felt strange. I have attended a couple of AA meetings in Bogota, but it was a different time, in the 1990s.

This message was written quickly and reluctantly.


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