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Hey Cirk.

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, May 21 2022 at 05:29:33AM
In reply to Very good movie posted by Cirk on Tuesday, May 17 2022 at 7:29:09PM

Didn't know any of that background. Bloated Vince and his band had a few tunes I definitely liked, and their drummer was obviously not just some run of the mill fill-in, to be sure.

Still, my two faves will always be 14-year-old me's favorite Stew Copeland, and then Neil Peart. Stew is awesome. Neil had a cool BMW and drank "The Macallan" whisky. Totally different styles, but equally loved by weird me. They poured their heart and soul into their craft and excelled in style. That's what I took note of in my own life experience. In a perfect world, Eeyore was a drummer affording a mortgage and nice vehicle, who had to move to another country to legit marry his mutually adoring girlfriend.


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