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Am I becoming more quiet?

Posted by griffith on Tuesday, May 03 2022 at 11:55:58PM

It is nowadays often hard to know what to say, not only here, but at VoA too.

I feel that most threads do not concern me very much. Activism and pedo politics? Belong to the past in my life. Little girl friends, girl moments? I don't miss them, and unlike some younger people might say, this is not even sad, not sad at all, this is just natural, it is as it should be. I simply do not miss any girl moments or little girl friends. Finding adult friends, pedophiles or non-pedophiles, that would be willing to hear about my attraction without judging me? Belongs to the past, I have had such friends, but now I have no reason or no desire to speak about my attraction to anyone any more. Sex, sexual thoughts? Sex is not important to me any longer.

There is only one thing that interests me, and if I said that I am interested in writing, I would lie. I am not interested in writing, I am interested in finding new ideas, and when I have got enough of them, I will write them into a book, in the the second edition of a book I have already written.

But luckily there is still the VoA chatroom, there you can speak everything possible between earth and sky without being too serious.

I don't know if this message is good or bad English, but I am not going to proofread it, this is how I feel.

I am simply getting older and older, and many things are fading away.


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