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Upcoming films with kids as main protagonists

Posted by LOD on Saturday, April 30 2022 at 05:47:42AM

Hatching: A finnish movie about a 12 year old gymnasts, tinja, who discovers an egg out in the woods. She takes it home and keeps it under her pillow. The egg grows and hatches a giant bird-like monster that attacks those who upset tinja. This film has already been released in theaters near me. I saw it. It was a weird little film. The main character is played by Siiri Solalinna, on the cusp of puberty, this was her debut into acting.

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Petite Maman: A french film about an eight year old girl who meets an eight year old version of her mother. The little girls played by sisters Gabrielle and Josephine Sanz are lovely and beautiful. This is the only film on this list that is not a horror movie. I'm very excited to watch this one in theaters. It looks magical!

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Firestarter: This is a remake of the 1984 film starring drew barrymore and is based on a novel by Stephen King. In this version Charlie, the girl with the power to set things on fire using her mind, is played by the beautiful Ryan Kiera Armstrong. Coming to theaters May 13th.

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The Black Phone: This movie looks very creepy and disturbing. It is about a serial killer who kidnaps boys and tortures them in his basement before killing them. The supernatural twist is the ghost of his past victims try to help the current living victim to escape. While the main protagonists in this film is a boy, we also see quite a bit of his younger sister who is given dreams by the ghost that tell where her brother is being kept. Despite the highly negative stereotype of the antagonist who the director describes as a "pedophile" in an interview he did, it does look like an interesting and chilling horror movie. I have a strong suspicion the killer in this movie was influenced by John Wayne Gacy.

Maybe one day we'll get a movie about a pedophile who isn't a serial killer or evil sadists.

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