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Farewell post by GL in Lyrics

Posted by Hajduk on Thursday, April 28 2022 at 2:07:04PM

GC: as he is unable to post, he sent the text below to me.

He has more than this reason to leave, and I will let him say more or not. For now all I ask for is that y'all respect his decision.

In any case, his shadowbanning is suspicious and the techies would do well to address it. Same as with the mistiming posts Eeyore has reported.

All that said, here goes:

From GL_in_lyrics

I'm saying farewell to GC once again, but not for the personal reasons and issues I did before.
My nick has been mysteriously deactivated. I don't know where Caretaker is. Last time my nick was banned, and he corrected it right away. Things are too sketchy to continue here. It seems like there's absolutely no moderation, nor control, happening. That's the most I'll say on that.

So... I'd like to THANK whomever it is who got my nick deactivated... even though that company clearly HATES KIDS. I've spoken up immensely for the rights of kids. So, yeah. But thanks for showing me it's time to leave.

Just leave my nick deactivated.
In the mean time I'll likely be at BC and Lifeline. I probably won't show up at GC Chat anymore, either, because I feel like it's the same story there as with our board.

If things change for Girl Chat, and it gets back to good standing, expect me to return... under a different nickname. But I'll make it clear who I am.

In the mean time, I leave you with these final thoughts:

- Children need to have the same basic human rights that adults deserve, or more. The right to have sex, romance, intimacy, and love, is one of those things ;-)

- "Circumcision" is STILL worse than rape ;-)

- Rape by itself, if that's all it entails and is not a continuing pattern within a family or something, is not a nearly the big deal that the fem-scums make it out to be. ;-)

- The modern-day woman is smut, and is a terrorist. I don't advocate using violence against them. That's not what I'm saying at all. Rather, I'm saying humanity needs to clean itself up. Women will continue committing their war crimes against children, men, and themselves, until we find a way to preserve their emotional and spiritual girl-hood into adulthood. And I know that is VERY possible to do.


It's been a pleasure. Good luck to all, until we meet again. (and Thank You to Hajduk for posting this for me.)

Please, whomever is running GC, if at all - DO NOT let this be the end for me, nor for YOU.

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