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The Roma

Posted by LGsouL on Sunday, April 24 2022 at 0:07:55PM
In reply to you have a good heart posted by Baldur on Sunday, April 24 2022 at 05:45:43AM

Yeah, sadly they beg as a profession, as well as send their kids out seemingly alone to beg (while they are in a car nearby ready to intervene if someone unscrupulous attempts something).

Not all obviously, but many. The kids can be pretty funny and engaging, they are just kids after all. In my travels when I was in an Eastern European country, I became friendly with a boy, who began asking me if I wanted to go "fuck some girls" with him. He was maybe... idk 12? Well, even IF I believed him and this wasn't some robbery attempt, I still would not have gone, but it did make me laugh.

Mom's would sometimes hide their kids legs while the kid lay, pretend dead in their arms. Watch long enough and eventually the kid wakes up, legs revealed, and they hop in dad's car to drive off.

Odd culture. I've seen odder though.

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