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I've been getting into classical.

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, April 21 2022 at 05:20:33AM

Well, not exactly. I've just been switching to the classical radio station lately, when everything else is just politically asserting vomit.

I thought the classical station was above and beyond that. Not so fast. You don't know where I dwell. Except some probably do. With great pain, the classics can ALSO be politicized. Everything can be, provided you are too trained and afraid to call bullshit.

So I was told that the Moonlight Sonata by Beeth-Oven was part of something bigger that he composed for some little lass he wanted to marry around 1802(that perverted SCOUNDREL!!) Some later part of the thing that included Moonlight was clearly too intense, and in fact, probably scared her away. Radio hosts read minds when properly progressive.

In any case, Beethoven thought this 17-year-old and he were dovotedly in love, in spite, our wise radio host reminds us, of their age disparity. Yeah, okay, she inspired him to compose this huge historic thing, but meh.. he was weird to like her, and she married someone else anyway, causing all the feminists to smile victoriously.

Poor Beethoven. He sits in his tomb with his giant eraser. Decomposing.

I will keep tuning in when the competitors for my mind become too much.


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