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Often Americans think like Putin

Posted by griffith on Tuesday, April 19 2022 at 09:45:41AM

Putin refuses to understand that the European countries have the mind of their own; if Ukraine wants to stay independent, Putin thinks it is influenced by the American propaganda, and it is the same with every other European country. Putin seems to think that European countries have no will of their own, no opinions of their own. If they are against Russia, they must be influenced by America.

Heh. Europe has been here much before America even existed; Europeans have the will of their own.

And Americans? When the laws concerning sexual acts are tightened in Europe (or anywhere in the world), Americans, at least the American pedos, think that it is the negative influence of America. It is not. Europe exists on its own, it does not need America to be fanatical or bigoted. The same with Asia.

Why have the laws concerning sexual acts become tighter everywhere in the world? The reason is TIME, not America. The flow is going in one direction all over the world now, later it may go into another direction.


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