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Watched Bill Maher Interview Ol Flame Bella Thorne

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, April 16 2022 at 04:10:21AM

(Friday post, 4/15/22)

So I have never tuned him out, he's had a lot of smart, legit views over the years.. sometimes controversial (sometimes on purpose I suspect), but generally sort of a "wild card" to me..

Well, I heard he had a podcast now. Premise is, smoke a ton of weed with your guest and see what happens, or so it looks.

The horror.. the horror.

So yeah, if you already think the world is about to descend into mass chaos and global war and starvation and tyrannical technocracy.. probably just the best thumbs-up evidence of imminent collapse to date.

That's not to say I necessarily think Bill doesn't already know this. I mean, I think he smokes weed on Maui with Woody Harrelson fairly regularly, so to a guy like me, it makes perfect sense that he would try to pick the brain of Bella. I mean, that's probably what I would do when shit doesn't matter anymore and most people are in for a surprise when reality slaps its balls across their faces but I'm fairly set financially. Right? No hate, bein' honest.

Anywho.. I think I originally learned of Bella T here from someone, lonng before she ever got a tv contract for a show. Back then, she was still a never-molested sweet cutie pie, who not only had stunning modelling content, but by now seemed to know how to turn on the innocent charms. There was a sibling that seemed to be a little annoying to me, but hey.. whatever. I liked her a lot. Loads of moral support came from my love and my loins, all properly expressed of course. Somewhere in the back of my head was a single, leather-biker-jacket mum raising some kids alone, but meh. At least Baby B seemed innocent enough. Once saw her peeking from behind a door curiously at a sibling and I think I was hooked. She really did seem to have a sweet tenderness about her.

So like, at some point she landed her dream role on a big shewww. The usual suspects came in and whisked her away from her early fans with directions and rules etc. etc...

Okay. That's just how it goes. I was honestly glad for her achieving what she wanted. She did good, and she became a star. With the hoards now clamoring for her attention, most of them crazy young girls, I quietly backed away, as did many other pedos who loved her, I am sure. I guess I eventually moved on, as did others like us. They get older, they find success.. Hey, we were there and we like to think we helped our various stars before they achieved dreams. Or maybe that's just me and nobody knows what the hell I mean.

Fine. But there was a point to this post. As she shot to fame, I tuned out. I just sorta let her go. It's been many years now since I really payed attention. Apparently I'd see a story by accident here or there.. she had some new boyfriend or whatever.. or whatever other proclivity her sister had taught her and her friends.. But I really never paid attention anymore.

So I start watching this podcast by Bill. I intended to only watch a few minutes, just to catch up on what Bella is like now (apparently she's 25 in planetary earth years), and to see how Bill interviewed her.

Well, it was like watching a multi-car pileup on a freeway. You wish you could step in and stop it, and you know there is a lot of death and destruction happening, but it's just too enthralling to get up from your easy chair and go to bed like you should. We're just gonna have to suffer at work tomorrow, because I need to see how this catastrophe ends.

My jaw agape, I kept trying to remind myself that both of these people are just really high right now, and that. That will make it less horrific to watch.

What I actually witnessed was two people tag-teaming one another to shame me for ever having admired either one of them as much as I did. Bella is er, not the little pre-Disney cutie with the knowing sparkle in her eye that I once adored. I knew and always will know that she is sensitive and dramatically affected by things many people can just brush off, but wow. I take jabs at what Hollywood did to Miley, but trainwreck becomes multiple trains crashing into a fleet of kindergartens. Here she was being all openly weird about weed when she has a weed company, rattling off gang slang when she's never been exposed cept maybe some exclusive Snoop party (total guess), declaring her bi-love of vajay (Hollywood requirement, thank u, D), and blasting off a bunch of woke-ist tenets, drilled into her by the Hollywood posse that was chosen for her. Even expresses knowledge of and disdain for the attention Brook Shields received when SHE was young! Baby, do you have any clue at all how you shot to fame? I think she knew more than I knew she knew. Apparently that was true. Ugh, they never appreciate their early fans later, do they. Someday, one of them will, and she won't be fucked in the head. Bella is a mental & psychological mess. She follows the usual path I suppose, but I still worry for her. Miley would actually be a positive influence on her to man up and not let the world crush her, even as I think Miley herself is fucked (no blame directed toward her for that, even tho Miley herself prolly deserves a little).

What the fuck happened to my little Bella T? :*(

But she's not exactly outdone by our buddy Bill, yay? Okayyy, I had to remember she's no longer my sweet 10-year-old that I secretly wanted to do unspeakable things to myself, but my god, Bill, she's only 25 and a complete mess! He keeps trying to lend her lots of old-man advice, and her gen-Z ears just aren't having it. In between bringing up climax musings and when-there's-a-finger-in-her-ass wisdom, he does admittedly have some valuable trinkets of useful advice for sure, for any level-headed young adult. But that's not who's sitting in the guest chair. Bill isn't breaking through the wall on this guest. It was cringy-painful for ME to watch, and I'm almost old!

The best-worst part was at the end, where having failed to previously get her to add anything about that young molestation reveal by some live-in stranger as a kid, Bill (or the weed) decides to conclude with a giant "bring it on in for daddy" arms-out hug encouragement. I literally laughed, thinking there is no way in hell that chick is gonna hug her creepy uncle. To his credit, he did seem to kneel and hold her hand and thank her, which seemed to possibly be acceptable to our now-bratty little 20-something headcase, who is luckily set for life and has all the time in the world to get it together before she's old. I once found her annoying as hell for getting on a god kick. These days, I wonder if she's someone who needs to go back to it just to find some shelter from the storm.

In some strange way, I think they both informed the viewer despite talking past one another, and I still give kudos to Maher for just going for it (I mean, the interview part). No guts, no glory. Seriously.

I'm willing to give ol' Bill a second chance. Here's to hoping interviewing William Shatner will be less painful and more interesting. Gawd, please let it be better!!


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