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"Okey-dokey kids. Hear me out. It's story time."

Posted by Children First! on Wednesday, April 13 2022 at 6:39:25PM

The following is a comment I recently generated on Visions of Alice to everyone that has been responding to my research questions, where the feedback so far I would like to safely assume and interpret as fruitful, juicy, and is also becoming quite heavy. The time is nigh to begin studying the feedback, and waiting for more to come. I am looking forward to it.

I will be around here watching, waiting, possibly reacting, all while certainly performing a personal transformation. I have some serious work to do NOW. Another extreme hiatus period on my part is not what is up ahead just so you know. I'm just going to be somewhere in the background for an undeterminable amount of time. Something like that. I am posting this comment here so you know what is happening (to me) if at all interested.

If you don't care much about what it is that I am trying to do (which I should remind you does deal with the children of today and the children of the future that we all [apparently] purport to care about as all things are connected) --- then just don't say anything, please. Fight your own battles, use your own clout and magic, do your own thing as a lone wolf or within your own digital clique or tribal circle to promote change and empower all children.

If you've already seen the following comment on VoA, you can comment back upon this post here, or there. I will see it.

Maybe this information will help you, maybe it won't. I don't really know about that. But I know I am about to be a little busier than usual. I also want to say now that I hope more people here respond to the questions here, or at Visions of Alice. I will not request for your answers/opinions any longer upon the same 50-52 questions previously posted and am now currently mentioning once again in the same way in the future. A huge 'Thank you' in advance to everyone that at any degree will become enthusiastic and may also become involved - for encouragement, sincerity and appreciation.

And now, the non-edited comment I speak of is as follows:

Okey-dokey kids. Hear me out. It's story time.

This is how I feel and think right now after approximately 2 ½ years of beginning to truly look at intergenerational relationships / 'child'-'adult' relationships / 'pedophilia' to see if such ways of being (a natural or learned preference within consciousness) is at all completely natural and normal if harm is not a part of the equation, or, on the other hand more-or-less abnormal in general, where after doing research I discovered such ways of being/preferences are for the most part normal, I then was able to come to a specific conclusion of what the world needs to focus on more than anything, which is all about the subject of children and have not been able to figure out what is more important than that, as I have come to a certain kind of point that is impossible to beyond. Everything in my head since discovering the truth and coming to conclusions about children has continued to be about children in one way or another, as all things are deeply connected. This is important to know about me. I have made many sacrifices to figure things in the way that I have. It's been a difficult journey, though well worth my time. I feel enlightened.

And now, in relation to all of this, I feel like I have spent 2 ½ years of time making an effort to walk to the top of a tall building...

Each floor that I move through - and up to - in this towering building full of labyrinths has provided me with new information that pertains to my quest for the truth about children, pedophilia (p.s. I do not like using this word due to stigma!), the world and me as a person while interacting with all of it.

Currently, I am in the penthouse.
VoA is the penthouse - the penthouse of knowledge about children - and there are all types of experts who have been up here a long time.
Not only is there a penthouse, there is a roof on the very top that is accessible. I decided to wander away from the party in the penthouse and check out this roof so that I could see a few more things and contemplate while alone. I went to the top and saw how beautiful the view was. The building is higher than any other around.

I walk to one part of the roof near the edge where there is a sign that reads: "Feel free to jump off here if needed. There is a trampoline on the ground that will save you."

I saw the giant trampoline earlier, but at the time I didn't know why it was there.

This jumping off point makes me think. I know that if I jump at this precise spot, I will be able to take all the knowledge I have gathered and gained with me straight to the bottom safely, and then I can change my path, find and climb new 'buildings' if need be. I can even build my own new building for others to climb. What to do, what to do -(?)

I ponder my options. Since I am here - have worked so hard to get up here and realize I am not finished with my quest, I will decide to retreat back to the VoA penthouse party right underneath me. I invited myself here and initiated conversations with others on subjects that had occupied my mind that I had never really spoke to anyone about before. The more that time passed, the more insights and questions I created. An ideal world in my mind has been created from being mostly alone without anyone to completely remove me from my interests. Knowing that talking to others about what has become ideal to me could radically change the way I think, the way others think, or both. So far, a little bit of both. No matter what however, I am learning things and everything will be peachy as long as I don't become too stubborn, lose my mind, become aggressive or leave immediately without warning. This building and penthouse area went through an inspection lately and passed on all fronts. No need to worry about my safety from a possible collapse of the structure or being overthrown by invaders as security is tight.

I have decided to re-enter the penthouse instead of jumping off the roof, but I need to go to an unoccupied corner to think (read) what people have told me in response to my essential questions that I have been burning to ask. This will take a little while in the grand scheme of things to reflect upon before I have any idea as to how I should operate around others in the near future.

After all, when I got to this party, I went directly to the microphone on the stage and asked for everyone's attention all at once, and without delay I rambled off over 50 questions, which came across to others like Chinese New Year firecrackers being lit, thrown, and explode all too close to them while in the crowd. Some bystanders have experienced this kind of celebration activity before, and knew where they needed to stand next time this happens to not experience shock.

The questions were asked nonstop. The 'firecracker' explosions ended. Feedback of the experience began almost all at once, and there was a lot of it; as there was a lot to respond to. This is a balance created out of actions. What you give is what you receive in return.

The problem here is that equal balance is only found on a one-to-one/person-to-person basis.

Before I took the microphone and spoke into it, I was aware of the consequences. Luckily in this place, I can return to the microphone again and explain what just happened to me - explaining my reaction caused by your reactions.

This is what I have to say into the microphone now:

Hi :ohing:

My goodness I didn't think there would be so many people willing to respond to me here, in difference to other places I have asked these questions. This is the first time I have succeeded in really getting through to people and you are all now getting through to me in return on a very personal level.

I was and am serious about the questions I have asked everyone, and now I need to think about the feedback I have received immediately. I have barely spent any time really looking at any specific feedback yet, since I have been waiting to look at a lot of it at once.... and what is so interesting, is that there is still feedback I have yet to receive, which is both amazing and acutely overwhelming. I feel like my brain is trying to re-program itself. I guess that is what happens 'up here' in a special place like this.

Indeed, it is good to be around here with you. Now I think it would be best to focus on all the responses I have received so far (in all the places I have asked the questions to be responded to) since there is beginning to be enough data to reflect upon to see how exactly I have come across to others as a person. I will be changed in doing this, but I know there are things I feel too strongly about that will not change so easily. Once I look at the data all together, I will know what it is that I am going to have to change about myself, or work hard as hell to get everyone else to see things differently.

I am not going to jump back down to the ground and start from scratch just yet. Things just got very vibrant and colorful, where before everything was rather monochrome. I will spend time going through what information I have collected - change from it - wait for the rest of the responses/information - continue to change - complete my reprogramming/brain-system updates and finally get back to you on a more appropriate level of thought that I have only begun to adjust to. Thank you all for helping me blow my mind.

Quick shout out to YGL out there: Yo, comrade - is it possible to find those books you mentioned online so that I can read them? I have Tom O'Carroll's book Paedophilia: The Radical Case, but still need to read the rest of it. I own a lot of books but not enough that speak positively or radically about children and/or child-adult relationships of all kinds. Need more books...Need sustenance. Help ?

Another note - a Very Very important note: The book I want to write is NOT specifically about pedophilia. It is first and foremost about how children (both human children and animal children) specifically play a vital role in our world in terms of overall human health (mental/physical) and environmental sustainability (stabilization to prevent civilizational collapse and/or extinction). The questions I have asked deal with what I need to know more about right now, as I can't speak for everyone, nor can I decipher what is right on such topics alone. The subject of pedophilia-acceptance (etc.) within my 'putting children first' philosophy plays only a part (though a very large part) of what I believe needs to change. Even if pedophilia is not accepted while for the most part we as humans do put children first, we will certainly be on the right path that should eventually accept pedophilia. I have to write about the eventual and necessary acceptance of pedophilia as part of putting children first (the master plan), since I need to show how deeply on all fronts we as humans must go on a humanitarian level for ourselves and our children, simply to cover all 'FAQs' that could ever be created. We can put children first without allowing pedophilia where such radical change of doing that alone will serve to change the world. I know nothing else that is more necessary in human consciousness that MUST CHANGE IMMEDIATELY.

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