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Welcome fellow MAP/GL ! + helpful information

Posted by Children First! on Friday, April 08 2022 at 1:10:58PM
In reply to Confiding in a complete stranger posted by Matt on Friday, April 08 2022 at 09:05:12AM

Sup 'Matt'. Stick around here and you'll begin to feel more comfortable and accepting about yourself. Also check out Visions of Alice if you like girls and want to be around other like-minded people. You are not alone, and you are not wrong to be attracted to girls. Being attracted to minors is not truly abnormal. You are normal as long as you wish to not cause harm to other living creatures. Over time you will begin to see how all of this is extremely simple to understand, yet the world around you does not. It's not your fault, so do not feel guilty. Those of us who have figured out the truth are trying to make a difference. There are many sources of information available that will help to answer any lingering questions you may have, and stay on the right side of things.

Check out this documentary - it's not bad. I think it will help:

Go here as well and look at the 'Hotspots' on the right-hand side -some really good information is there to be found:

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