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Posted by LGsouL on Saturday, March 26 2022 at 1:15:18PM
In reply to QAnon and Z... posted by griffith on Saturday, March 26 2022 at 0:53:42PM

... a bunch of annoying ass hats. I had... people I knew that fell for that nonsense. "You guys ready?? there is going to be another Q drop tonight!" It was grating to hear.

Listen, if pedophiles ran the world, most normies would be fine with pedophilia since most normies do not think. Narcissist psychopaths run the world. Some enjoy hurting kids, that does not make a ring of pedophile rulers. Also, powerful men fucking teens, something nearly every straight male wants to do (except pedophiles lol) is not pedophilia or a pedophile conspiracy.

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