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I've met people...

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, March 19 2022 at 10:09:13PM
In reply to Noticed that I'm in a bad mood because one person posted by griffith on Tuesday, March 15 2022 at 4:37:22PM

...often heavy stoners or "roasties" as they are called elsewhere.. who have been wrapped up in their own delusional reality for so long that they feel it is and should just be obvious to everyone else. Another example being, the voice in one's head has been telling someone the hidden truth for years, and only those who are equally informed understand this hidden reality. So they proceed to give others "hints" about what is clearly so obvious.

They don't realize that they are personally not well in the noggin. A few will nevertheless entertain their notions just for shits and giggles and to get along, but that is the only affirmation they ever receive.

Not directed at your own hints, but I have been around plenty of people who have lost touch with reality over the years, and that is what it reminded me of. One man's hint is another man's "wtf is he even talking about?"

Now take that scenario from face-to-face interaction and onto the internet, and the "wtf" part becomes even more pronounced, without any other cues outside of text, from a complete stranger. Nobody has time for deciphering some stranger's hidden code, no matter how elevated and genius and important he understands it to be.

I suppose my post does apply to a few I've met online as well, but to tell it to them would likely only induce rage. Meh, whatever. I still say, if it's really that important that someone know your ideas, don't dress them in riddles and ciphers.


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