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Posted by Hajduk on Sunday, March 13 2022 at 3:49:26PM
In reply to Reply posted by Stephen James on Sunday, March 13 2022 at 0:59:41PM

Israel attacked the USA (USS Liberty) and NATO wasn't honored.

Argentina attacked the UK (Falklands) and NATO wasn't honored.

NATO was honored after 911 even though the attack was from a non government actor, and further the Taliban offered to hand over Osama and other Al Qaeda leaders in exchange for not going to war.

The US attacked Iraq even though it claimed it had WMDs.

NATO intervened in Syria even though it always knew it had WMDs.

NATO intervened in Libya even though it was reasonable to suppose it had WMDs.

NATO, regardless of this war, may intervene in Iran, which has WMDs, and if it doesn't have nukes already, it can develop them quickly; and even in a conventional war can cause a lot of harm upon pro West countries in the neighborhood.

Basically NATO is a pretext. Scandinavian, Baltic, Balkan and Caucasus nations would be safer by striking first, not by waiting for fast tracked membership. St. Petersburg, Murmansk and Königsberg are very close.

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