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At least 3 month ago? :)

Posted by griffith on Wednesday, March 09 2022 at 10:37:17AM
In reply to Having always been inclined to believe NFiH... posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, March 09 2022 at 06:01:01AM

"I believe griffith and his pears, and believe him mostly overall to be a sincere CL as well. (I deduced this at LEAST 3 months ago.)"

Of course I am sincere, I have been around since the 1995s, first at Danpedo and other sites before GC, then here: I made my first post here in the beginning of June 2000. :O)

I've also had a long correspondence with some old members, like one admin of BC (though I am not a boylover) and AlbertRoss and Flickorna and Lindsay Ashford, and the longest correspondence I've had was with NFiH: it started in the early days of the first decade and ended around 2017, when NFiH had health problems and was away for a few months.


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