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To all you retard trailer park script-kiddies..

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, March 06 2022 at 08:41:31AM

...You know who you are... the ones who can't afford a paid vpn service for 3 bucks a month...

You're slowing down my Tor to a crawl with your pointless ddos attacks.

How the F is a guy supposed to post important stuff or foot-scroll the instagrams for kind soles when you're using up all the node bandwidth to help usher in the end of a free and open internet?

Mow somebody's lawn and buy your own vpn for your distributed mayhem on behalf of that 3-letter agency that you think is Anonymous. While you're at it, buy your mother that velvet wolf picture she wanted for Christmas. Maybe she'll finally stop bumming your cigs.

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