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Anyone ever watch The Nanny?

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, January 27 2022 at 03:52:56AM

"These kids today, with their Jitterbug!"

Well anyway, sometimes everything else on tha telly is just too annoying when all I want is an escape. Clearly, much of the conflict is fabricated for the sake of a plot, but some of it is real, and once in a while you're lucky enough to come across someone sexy and smart for her age like a Jordyn, who prefers to go barefoot at all times.

This should probably be a separate post, but does anyone else ever zero-in on the complexity of facial expressions to discover the intellect level or situational-awareness of a girl of a particular age? I recently realized that I am keenly aware of this as someone who likes girls who are not just attractive, but also have an awareness beyond their numerical years. The more nuanced their facial expressions, the more it seems to indicate an advanced mind for their numerical age, to me, anyway.

Wish they could all be Jordyns...


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