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So much to cover...

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, January 25 2022 at 03:58:21AM
In reply to The Pattern of Young Girl Celebrities posted by Dissident on Sunday, January 23 2022 at 00:41:30AM

After all these passing years of change, be it personal, national, or global...

But I will (I mean, must) try.

First part was fairly easy. I was breezing through all the traffic lights:

...and very likely sexually active with him from the get-go.

I would tell a snarky remark I once heard about Louisiana girls, but it's probably true at 14 these days just about anywhere.

You really liked Jamie Lynn, I can tell. I always thought she was hotter than her sister, even though I thought she had the acting skills and personality of a damp rag. Her sister is clearly bonkers, although I have heard conspiracy theories of high-level pedo-underground stuff involving her and the mouse ears crew, which most of us (myself included) would never be privy to, but it's fun to mention it anyway, as it may explain some things.

Is this due to the "scandal" of betraying (Jamie Lynn's) image so many years ago that her once-adoring public refuses to forgive her for?

On this one, I suspect it might be a little simpler than that (see damp rag). Then again, she also witnessed what her sister went through. I don't know if she even wanted to do that stuff anymore after seeing that.


Then, things started requiring more thinking, which then required me to have to consider how I used to feel when we were still in contact, and what's changed after all that time. It's been a while since I could not simply avoid stuff that made my brain hurt and had to confront it. Still, your words were very fortuitous (I hope that's the correct word) as I found out after your post:

I just happened upon Drew B's talk show yesterday (have stated I've always thought her to be a special kind of real person in spite of disagreeing with her political beliefs). Loved her as a kid, loved her as a teen, and she even gave it good to Tom G for a while, whom I've always thought to be a special dude that most people probably don't get. I sorta get him and glad he had her for a while. Wait, what was I talking about?

Oh yeah, Drew had on some chick (purposely triggering with the word chick, yes, correct, but also my regular vocab. So gen Z must familiarize themselves with the Old English style of truth (not the malt liquor), cuz I ain't changing my words no-how. Sorry, not sorry.)

CHICK on Drew's show was some blond who looked like a total LA party-girl you'd see half passed out by a pool with mascara running down her face, starred on The Handmaid's Tale which I am told is some feminist BS thing (that I'll never watch (and speaking of feminist BS, I am also tiring of PBS projecting their fucking anthropomorphic feminism (anthro-po-feminist?) projectile vomit into fucking NATURE SHOWS these days (Of all things! There is simply no escape anywhere!!) where the narrator is now always some childless post-menopausal woman narrating how "a *male* approaches", and she (the mother) must bring her offspring to safety away from "THE DANGEROUS MALE" or how some "sisterhood" takes turns watching the offspring of one another and keeps them safe from "THE APPROACHING MALE!" Eyes rolling out my effing HEAD man!! Give me a BREAK! You people are fucking LOONY! You only wish you could find rampant lesbianism in the animal world. Doesn't seem to exist does it, but I am sure you will still create it somehow.))))

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah, Drew was interviewing the LA party chick. Guest said something about never doing anything so risque as her character had, and DREW...ACTUALLY...SAID (like you mentioned in your post above), "No, you're a GOOD girl" (IRL) or something to that effect..

Un-fucking-believable! Said it just as you did, Dissident! (Although it is possible a person like Drew actually hopes it is true, since it really wasn't for herself when she was young.)

To all those young teen and up actresses of today: You do NOT get that far in Hollywood these days by being a totally modest and chaste little sweetheart, honey. NOBODY... BELIEVES... YOOOU....

('cept stupid people:
Get it? ..Ya get it?)

Then her guest went on to say how she's now an "A-student" in college and showed photos of herself in a designer-grease-monkey outfit with perfect hair underneath an old Bronco, claiming she changed out the axles and shit.. People believe this crap being fed to them by Hollywood?!?!? It used to be okay for Hollywood to lie, back when Hollywood was still a fairytale to people grounded in a pre-gathered identity and truth. Now they are the fucking SOURCE of truth for wandering plastic zombies.


Wait, what did I need to answer?

What path would Jamie Lynn and Miley have taken.. outside of TikTok

Considering they both came from "The South" and rode coattails of father and sister, if I was honest, I'd have to say neither of them would have ever gotten mixed up in Hollywood at all, and probably would have found alternate ways to excel in life. Judging from my current perspective, I don't see that as being a negative, even if we eliminated concerns of ageist ideals. Hollywood would still be a shithole, especially with the amount of vapid influence it holds today. It is part of the reason society is in decline overall, to me anyway.

Tiktok.. Only reason it may feel free is its Chinese ownership.. I've seen some girl content there and have been linked to it by non-GL's obsessed with it. It's the old 144-character video equivalent of Twitter to me. That was my impression as an old coot. You force the shortening of expressions, and it trains the mind to only pay attention to things for an equally short amount of time. Not good!

Glad to hear Maddie has a BF IRL. That probably makes her bi at best, but hey. Just noting what I see these days. I think "the straighness" gets groomed out of kids in many places today, and this is troubling to me as someone who looks ahead to adults making new generations of kids the natural way.

Chloe... intriguing that you don't mention she prefers females (sorry to all her former pedo male admirers who still don't know). Also intriguing that she had all older brothers (I had no idea). I know there is a well-known study somewhere that the youngest male sibling of all brothers has an unusual larger likelihood to turn out gay (and by now there must surely be another which disputes it, naturally). I wonder about her own experience with all male siblings, if that is the case. If she was abused by a male family member, that to me, would make it more understandable that she now pivots toward women as love interests. Just my own belief.

Yes, acting as a role or career is something else entirely, away from Hollywood, which brings so many other things into the mix. In medieval or ancient times, actors were considered little more than degenerates, not to be trusted, because you didn't know when they were telling the truth or acting. Baldur and I discussed this fascinating fact in the chat not so long ago. Still, I hope that I am not deemed a complete hater. The entire illegality of getting close or intimate with kids in real life has often pushed me to the safety of admiration of the celebrity kind, and I have worried for each and every one of them that I found to be interesting or different or special among the other so-called stars.

So perhaps we are not exactly so far apart in our thinking. I think if we keep digging, we might see where we differ, but as you mentioned, we are first and foremost connected by our love for girls, and none of us can logically demand that everyone else also agree with each and every one of our other beliefs or preferences, or there would be no allies left.

OTOH, I think we all get to express what else we believe, especially if it relates to our love for kids. Those who go berserk with rage because we do not agree with everything ELSE they believe.. well, they need to get over it. Express your own contention and move on. Keep contrary-ing as a reply and it doesn't look so good. I think that was what you were referring to as a reason for going away. Good news: One of those people hasn't been posting here in years.

Good post, Dissident. Thanks for forcing me to try harder and also to say a few things I wasn't saying.


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