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I may have told it somewhere in the archives.

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, January 23 2022 at 02:03:17AM
In reply to Yes posted by Hajduk on Sunday, January 23 2022 at 01:36:53AM

Back in my younger days I was tasked with being the responsible driver to bring my younger girlfriend's hot younger sister and her three even hotter 12/13-ish young friends to a New Kids On The Block concert. I refused to go in to such a lame show(how clueless was I?) so my girlfriend and I wandered around the stadium parking lot for 2 hours listening to adolescent girls absolutely lose their sexed-up minds in unison.

On the drive home, from the back seat, I was literally hit on, asked explicit details about private love-related stuff as well as about my manhood, had my hair and ears fondled. I thought I was going to pass out from all the blood racing from my head to my nether regions. I have never seen anything like it before nor since. Which is very, very sad!

Reminded of a South Park episode where little girls were sexed up by some boy band and some very young girl said something to the effect of "my giney feels tingly!" Did I actually see this or dream it? I need to verify memories these days.

Of course, it's fine to sex-up and groom kids in order to make a buck off their approaching pubescence. Anyone interacting with it on a personal level is DESTROYING THEIR INNOCENCE!!


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