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Posted by Dissident on Wednesday, January 19 2022 at 7:12:08PM
In reply to Child Modeling Sites are a Perfect Sublimation posted by perfectrealitylover on Wednesday, January 19 2022 at 5:47:15PM

We all should be Very concerned when efforts are made in the Government, and along with the relatively ignorant dominating society that supports its anti-pedo endeavors, to squash, eliminate harmless to real people avenues to re-direct & release one's passions and frustrations of being a child lover with child modeling sites. Such efforts can backfire and some of us could get into real & present trouble. Trouble with ourselves and possibly including others. And that's putting it mildly!

I sometimes think the government is well aware of that possibility...and more than simply not caring, the bureaucrats-that-be actually hope for that. Let's think about the end result of such consequences.

The more of us that cross the legal line, the more of us they can use to play public hero by tossing us into the increasingly privately-owned prison system. Then the more they can accuse us of typically having an inability to control our desires, which is the result of external, not internal, factors since they make it as difficult as possible for us to find any legal outlet that can be used for fantasizing. They actually try to come as close as they possibly can to outright criminalizing the mere act of fantasizing in private. They attempt to get the public so disgusted with us that they can care less how draconian the laws become, as long as they create additional barriers to us finding fantasy fulfillment.

On the other side of the age bracket, the more of us that cross the line legally means the more kids they can throw into the system of "therapy" so they can convince them, via iatrogenic means, that they were victims of a predatory monster and told they are damaged for life so the politicized mental health industry can make a profit off of them while bolstering the careers of social workers and therapists who can play hero and "expert" as they promote more anti-pedo and victimology nonsense to keep the cycle going.

The above helps to stifle progressive progress in a broader sense, including youth liberation, at bay for yet another generation.


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