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Posted by Dissident on Saturday, January 15 2022 at 11:08:23PM
In reply to I don't know posted by Godspell on Saturday, January 15 2022 at 03:42:58AM

I thought about it, but honestly Diss, it hurts your friends when you disappear all the time.

I understand that you and some others are upset with me for not being here regularly anymore. And maybe even more, rather than less so, when I check in periodically to say hi and let everyone know I'm still around, to see how everyone is doing, and to let everyone know I missed them (which is true).

You're a very good guy, Godspell, and I've always been proud to have you as a friend. You're one of the most good-hearted people I know, and you make me proud to share a community with you, no matter how hated and misunderstood that community is. I just wanted you to know that.

As I have tried to explain, one of the reasons for my frequent absence and short returns over the past few years is that my personal and professional life are much different than they were previously. I ask you to recall that we used to talk all the time, but we were not able to do so much anymore off the boards when your personal and professional situation changed dramatically. Remember that? I didn't like it. I was quite sad about it. But... I had to accept it and I tried not to be upset with you about it, because, well, life is all about change whether we live it or not.

Hence, I fully sympathize with you here. But, well...I guess I'm trying to say that I tried to be as understanding as I could when I was standing where you are right now.

The other reason is that I wasn't exactly given a warm welcome by a few of my long-time friends here when I did return. You and me have our differences of opinion, and we've always accepted that about each other and usually managed to focus on the things we have in common that unite us. So, please do try to see how I felt when some friends appeared to no longer accept me for our differences and instead just wanted to fight with me about them, endlessly and with all the heated insults that inevitably come from such exchanges.

Do you so easily toss aside people you knew for years and years?

No, I do not. No matter what type of changes I've been through. Which is why I periodically return, as I can never leave this place for good. It's been one of my havens and homes away from home for over 20 years now. I met many good friends here, including yourself, and gained much support here to help me deal with being a MAP in this political climate and to manage my attractions legally. I owe this place, and all of you, far too much to toss any of you aside.

I do miss chatting with you, but will you disappear again for a year or two or longer? Sure seems like it.

I'm sorry I haven't been around at GC, let alone Lifeline, like I used to due to these changes in my life. I've still been around the community, however, active on Tom's blog and, soon, on the revived Newgon.

If you want to talk, email me at (this addy may change if I start getting large amounts of troll mail by way of this site), and we can arrange to do that and I'll let you know all the dramatic changes in my life and we'll catch up.


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