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Don't know who Cohn is

Posted by Jape on Tuesday, January 11 2022 at 02:44:00AM
In reply to Creepy weirdo Hansen makes ANOTHER Cohn video posted by LOD on Monday, January 10 2022 at 9:48:58PM

But I know who that awful man is. Get him off my screen yuck.

I looked Danielle Cohn up and watched a few of her videos. Seems like a mess of a person, honestly but so is that pathetic waste of space Chris Hansen, one of the main people (along with the likes of John Walsh, Dr. Phil and Steve Wilkos) who led the pedo hysteria of the mid-2000s making people thing all pedophiles were child molesters and vice-versa. News flash: they are not!

Honestly, I'm not much into social media celebrities (well, Kylin Kalani is cool). I tend to prefer young actresses like Matilda Lawler and Kensington Tallman. Ah!!!!!! Now that's the stuff I want pumping through my veins lol

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