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Posted by Hajduk on Saturday, January 08 2022 at 9:59:23PM
In reply to OK, but what does that mean? posted by sans on Thursday, January 06 2022 at 2:16:51PM

Cancer is not one disease. It's many diseases with many different causes and different levels of danger. The only common thread is its mode of action, but for that matter many other diseases share a mode of action.

There is no "cure for cancer" because there is no single one form. Of course knowing one form better may help with other forms.

All this means is do your research and look who stands to profit. This applies to everything, not just health and body issues.

Re cheese there are people who can't eat it because of hypersensitivity to ingredients. Few but they exist.

Even people who can eat it should check the levels of fat and sodium in it. Everything is harmless or toxic depending on the dosage.

And doctors recommended smoking decades ago. And electroshocks.

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