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I made a post here long ago...

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, January 01 2022 at 7:16:11PM
In reply to Epstein Guards Acquitted, Jizzlaine's Johns List.. posted by Eeyore on Saturday, January 01 2022 at 6:31:32PM

Simply imagining my suspicion that extremely wealthy people who were pedo had all the means and resources not just to engage all their naughty fantasies, but also the connections to prevent any sort of legal consequences or imprisonment later. I still believe that to be the case.

However, when I was simply imagining, I was, at the time, imagining a large private estate immune to prying public eyes and off-the-record off-limits to regular law enforcement. At the time, I was imagining some palatial estate like Bill Gates would own. How coincidental and funny it is to remember that now. My imagination seems to have been a little more dead on than I presumed at the time.

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