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She was a good Twitter fit, wasn't she. ;oD

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, January 01 2022 at 7:00:01PM
In reply to Right... posted by Joey Bishop on Monday, December 27 2021 at 05:08:37AM

Someone told me there's now lots of current day vigilante groups out there today, doing things for likes or for money (Patreon & similar sites), many of which are kinda or totally illegal, but somehow they get a pass for passing over rights issues for the people they target, often from big social media companies. Youtube opened my eyes a little while ago when I posted about the MAPS controversy, but it goes far beyond what I saw there.

There are vigilante groups doing illegal stuff to people prior to them being proven guilty by a court of law, and there are internet companies hosting their public requests for payment as a condition to view their content, or even payment as a "tell us what you'd like to see us to do to these people" sorta thing.

This is shut-em-down level illegality for the websites hosting it, and I am saying that as a girl lover who hates true predatory behavior against girls. I still value the idea of giving people their day in court before serving vengeance.

It's also dangerous for the vigilantes, because I can foresee a day when they start roughing up the wrong person, or even ensnare someone they believe they found on their own, but find a surprise waiting for them when they start their assault.

Or at least I can dream of such a backlash militia, can I not? GoodHumor heart patches on our sleeves? Problem is, they make no distinction between child lovers and true predators. A group that did might actually win some support from child lovers, though right to a trial by jury of peers stuff is still something I value. Who exactly are our peers, btw? I think our juries ought to be made of those who respect the will and well-being of those we are attracted to, and are attracted to kids themselves. Pipe dream, I know. Not really kidding about backlash against vigilantes who hunt us down outside the restrictions of the law, however. If anything goes in their approach, they ought to have to presume the same regard in return, right? All is fair in love and war.


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