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Good insights, thanks.

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, January 01 2022 at 5:16:37PM
In reply to We are become struldbruggs posted by Baldur on Sunday, December 19 2021 at 05:13:09AM

Perhaps because a swear word is only an effective swear word if it is shocking and offensive, over time it loses its effectiveness as it becomes repeated too often - until eventually it becomes a parody of itself, and an object of amusement rather than an object of offense.

Yes, but my other concern is not addressed in your post. There is an assertion out there that certain words that are extreme (shocking, offensive) serve a distinct purpose- that is, to communicate sentiment or feelings that otherwise might be expressed with physical violence and the like. So, if the F-bomb is becoming watered down, then what word is replacing it? Shouldn't there be a replacement word? If there is not, then what does that tell us about the direction society is headed? Is what I say here even true? Do certain extreme words serve a purpose by being extreme, "taboo", etc.? What is behind the active push to water them down to nothing? Why are words expressing alternate narratives censored these days while the F-bomb is glossed over in casual usage?

You do get me correctly. It speaks to me about a girl's upbringing that she uses it in what to her is just normal conversation. It screams "trashy" and "unladylike" which itself is now probably a more controversial term than the other word. Classic femininity, it is now insisted by many, is a sort of forced subservience to patriarchy, which is said to be a form of slavery against females. Now, it is not only about a "choice" for females to be non-traditional. It is actually something to be forcibly unlearned, something horrible and weak and worthy of mockery.

I don't like the way things are going, and I don't think it's strictly due to getting older. There is clearly a blatant assault going on against not just language, but every last vestige of anything anyone considers to be "correct" due to it being based in classic western traditions. I suppose this is a long overdue spot on the linear timescale of history which should have been noted around here long ago. Some of us never agreed with how girl lovers are viewed and lumped in with all manner of pedo and all sexual deviancy. In my case, I wanted a place at the proverbial table. Others had already decided to scrap the last few thousand years of traditions altogether. Current social realities have forced that to the forefront of honest discussion I would think, and it seems to be exemplified by the example of how we each seem to define our love of girls.

It may come as a surprise to some, outsiders especially, but I don't like loss of traditions that turn girls into sloppy looking messes in their manner of dress, using potty-mouth language, or even being so "liberated" as to be sexually loose with everyone they see: old, young, male, female. I am not attracted to lesbianism or bisexuality (though am only opposed to it being specifically taught to kids who do not express these feelings. This was not the form of sex-ed I used to wish for and post about at this board, but a calculated, politicized version which to me is dishonest, harmful, and which makes me implore people to homeschool their children). I also don't like the attacks on the traditional family unit, which is the single greatest creator of those very things we claim to adore.

So that's the larger context from where my turnoff toward casual swearing by girls comes from. I think words are also powerful, and diluting them to everyday language in some cases, while newly censoring others according to political beliefs are both pretty dangerous. I suspect that if I am still posting here five years from now, I myself will get calls for being banned, because I sure as hell don't plan on changing the words I use to fit what others have recently been taught to be offensive. So who knows, perhaps girls will see me as the same sort of "trashy" for sticking to my guns!


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