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dreams and fantasies

Posted by Sobakevich on Saturday, December 25 2021 at 4:49:31PM
In reply to Oh but it does posted by LOD on Saturday, December 25 2021 at 0:42:11PM

I often dream and when I wake up, I feel elated that I had a fantastic time despite all that happened was inside my brain!

A sort of virtual reality that is not harmful in any way.
And no expensive tech to boot to accommodate my VR conclave. No compromising evidence is left, digital or physical.

When I was a younger adult, I'd ​been around that sort of flirts. If you remember the American Beauty scene where Lester and Angela are alone in the dimly-lit living room, where Lester is making advances to only find out Angela has never had sex!
The girl you've described is reminiscent of Angela.

As of late, I don't find girls like that alluring, although thoughts of possibilities make my bits fizzle.

My dreams tend to be of different sorts, which I will never embody in real life!

Of course, your experience could be different, and you'd find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Go for it, tread lightly, and enjoy the experience!

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