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So there is this teen girl who I work with

Posted by LOD on Thursday, December 23 2021 at 02:27:13AM

I think she's been giving me hints of something, then again I could be reading too far into it. She always acts really flirty and then she'll say things - little things that make me think there is something more to what she is saying. For instance yesterday she wanted me to go buy her some smokes and I asked her if her parents knew about it and she said, really flirtatiously, "No. I'm really good at keeping secrets." Then today a group of teenage boys her age came in and I said to her, half jokingly, "You want me to get their numbers for you?" She said "hell no." And I said "What? You don't like boys?" and she replied "No I like men." Was she implying she liked older men?

Maybe she just likes being flirty and doesn't intend anything else and that's fine. I wouldn't be dumb enough to try the first move. But today she showed me pictures of her when she was a preteen and damn she was hot. Too bad I didn't know her a few years earlier.

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