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Posted by jd420 on Monday, December 20 2021 at 2:02:32PM

Did you ever wonder about the possibility that, if there ever were a major crisis, that one would have an expert in the "do not use these, though" - like spacial failure - and no one would give a shit?

Maybe they'd even pity them for being so retarded while digging the problem deeper...

I suppose no one will ever care. And their increasingly desperate attempts to find a stable solution would, well... you know.

I think I'm going to give up and watch. But in known non-solutions such as "bunker solution" and "shoot the medic, it will help get the work done faster."

You can use silver halides, perhaps 30 second to ten minute intervals, watch the strands of your own tesseract fall away much like spatial failure in the bunker non-solution.

I'll refer to the old conference. Shi i'a a'itan. Deception; if the harvest made the feast, we'd be eating dodo bird for free about now.

Watch... as the house burns. Rather a nice message board, one in which the "solution" - total isolation from persons you could reach out to - is, itself, the effective cause of the problem.


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