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Ah, but there it is..

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, December 18 2021 at 03:26:24AM
In reply to You can encourage her to expand her vocabulary posted by LOD on Friday, December 17 2021 at 2:40:49PM

"It's only a word."

Is it? What purpose does vocabulary serve? For anyone who is on to what I'm getting at, I'd still be aware for why they might reference some old comic like Lennie Bruce. I'm not so sure he got it either.

Words or vocabulary hold power. I dare say some expressions are both deemed semi-taboo or rarely used, exactly because they express feelings extreme enough to convey emotions that avoid otherwise violent physical expressions as an alternate means of communication.

When you water down the gravity of words, you are gambling with violent actions as their replacement for expression.

Just a concept I've been brooding about for years now. Others please feel free to give any insight on that.


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