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An Pedophile's Innocent Dream

Posted by LOD on Tuesday, December 14 2021 at 6:03:32PM

Bridgette comes into my work today; the sexy nine year old with dark auburn hair and beautiful brown eyes. She smiles and says "do you remember me?"

"Of course I remember you!" I respond joyfully. "It's Bridgette right? How could I forget such a beautiful face? Do you remember my name?"

She smiles shyly. "It's Eddy right?"

"You remembered! For remembering my name you get free cookies!"

"Thank you so much Eddy. You are so nice."

"No problem. Take a seat and I'll bring them out to you."

I go into the kitchen to make the cookies. I box them up and quickly bring them out to her. When I hand them to her she smiles and says thank you once more. I'm getting ready to turn back but I stop and look around. I notice she is sitting in the lobby alone. I notice the rest of the lobby is empty and we have no customers. My heart races as I look at her for a few more seconds. She is so beautiful. I can't believe how beautiful she is. Fuck it. Fuck society. I'm doing this.

"Hey Bridgette," I try to speak causally as my heart continues to race. "Do you use tiktok?"

"Sometimes." She says.

I hesitate for second before blurting out "We should do a tiktok together!"

"um, I'm not sure..." She giggles.

"Yeah! It will be fun! I do tiktoks with my nieces all the time. They love it. Let's try it. Come on!"

I take a seat right next to her. I feel a sudden boost in confidence after passing the initial threshold of asking her to do a tiktok with me. I've gone this far might as well keep going.

I pull out my phone and bring up the tiktok app. "We can do it on my phone," I say. I look at her and she smiles nervously. I can tell she's a little apprehensive. "If you don't want to do it Bridgette that's okay. I just thought it would be fun."

"What kind of tiktok do you want to do?" She ask.

"Let's see here..." I start browsing through the lip sync videos others have done. "I don't know. Let's just do something original."

I point the camera at me and hit the record button "Hi world my name is Eddy and this is..." I point the camera at Bridgette. "Tell them who you are Bridgette!"

"Hi I'm Bridgette."

We both burst out laughing. I haven't felt this good in a long time. I feel energized. I feel happy. I want this forever. I need this forever. It's so simple. It's so innocent. Just being here with her. Loving her laughter, feeling bound by her beauty. Why is this so wrong? Why can't society just trust me and let me have this type of moment forever?

"See wasn't that fun!" I say.


"I'm going to post it."

"No don't Eddy!" She laughs.

"Why not?"

"because it is stupid and I look weird."

"Are you kidding? You look beautiful! You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen!"

I see her blush.

"You are right about one thing though," I say "It is kinda stupid."

"Hey Eddy." I snap out of it. I'm no longer sitting with Bridgette. I was never sitting with her. She was never even here. I'm standing at an empty counter. I look over and see my co-worker who called to me. "Are you okay Eddy?"

"Yeah I'm fine," I say melancholically. "I was just daydreaming."

I look at the empty lobby and the cars passing by on the road outside. The sense of longing inside me grows. Then I go back to work.

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