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I miss those Art Bell days..

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, December 11 2021 at 8:40:16PM
In reply to Coast to Coast AM, 12/11/21 posted by GirlRobo on Saturday, December 11 2021 at 05:45:32AM

I mean, before the men in black got to him, made him take a long vacation and stop doing shows on government conspiracies. When his witch wife mysteriously died and he quickly remarried a very young Philippine honey. Art wasn't above getting "testy" between cigarettes or even rolling with callers who were just being extra creative and helping them spin a yarn that was riveting. Nevertheless, he said what he thought, and he didn't trust anything was as it seemed. There was just something really talented about the guy.

Now, when the shadow gubmint is seriously playing its hand against the West, we have Nice-George and his Carlin-esque "soft rock" version of a once-great program. Buncha loonie women or gay guys, all talking about spirits and past lives and communicating with their cats. Don't even get me started on the fill-in hosts obsessed with comic books, Mystery Science Theater 3000 and the like.

Bah! It brings a bored late night tear to my eye when driving.

I've caught something a little more edgy these days called Caravan To Midnight that seems to capture Art's personality and classic libertarian bent pretty well, but I've had trouble finding it more often than not.


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