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Television series with girls you liked?

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, December 08 2021 at 05:00:52AM

Share them here, please.

I feel bad for the guy with cancel culture targeting him, and support from us prolly won't exactly help, but..

Louis CK.

Apparently I need to specify the show. Called "Louie" if I remember, has an intro with him in a NYC pizza parlor and two sexy young daughters that he tries hard to be a good single father to.

So yeah, we might be super interested in the daughters (and I was), but it was ALSO highly entertaining aside from that. Three thoughts that come to mind are, him playing air drums to The Who while driving his daughters on a car trip... and totally random observations he sees, like twin Indian boys in red knit caps at a filling station, or the bum on the corner in the city, where a limo comes screeching up for no apparent reason and pushes the bum into the limo while placing a new bum on the corner before speeding off. FUCKING HILARIOUS to me, anyway. I love stuff that leaves you thinking "why the fuck did that even happen???"

It's a great show on writing alone, with things added that a girl lover finds appealing above and beyond. Rare and craved content by yours truly.

Maybe somebody else feels a need to contribute their own content that's unintentionally interesting to a girl lover.

(Autists are reminded that this board is participatory, and not merely a place for observation to acquire personal entertainment or intrigue.)


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