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I suppose.

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, December 07 2021 at 03:32:47AM
In reply to It is a free country posted by Sobakevich on Sunday, December 05 2021 at 10:28:00PM

I guess my real intent is exposing all the statutorily illegal desires and violations among the entertainment industry, the political classes, the monarchies, the ruling banking fams...

...while they turned us regular folk with similar attractions (and without such elite "procurement" abilities nor methodologies of pressure) into fake scapegoats of "The People".

Our moment, if we were sharp and capable, would be to turn all of that fake media fear-porn against society from the early 2000's into an "AH-HA!" moment. The true culprits, and the ones who were always able to procure their every taboo desire, and who were NOT EVER subject to the laws of the common folk... were the same elites who are currently dividing and destroying western society.

So that is where my mind is really at. I still have a little sympathy for the Britney's, although it does take a bit of selfishness to subject oneself to the lures of these higher demons and the families that control them from the shadows of their dark castles.

Why would we not be seething with anger today, knowing that our demonization was really just a Saul Alinsky tactic for those who desire either the same or a much worse version than our naive little honest souls tried to support on the internets for so long?

The Spears sisters suffered from either naive or greedy parenting. That much, I can see. I feel for their daughters to a point.

What I want is for her to spill her guts before she ends up the victim of a terrible accident. I guess I should be more up front about my motives for things I post. Sorry.


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