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All social media is garbage, as is the WWW

Posted by sans on Monday, December 06 2021 at 00:03:19AM
In reply to New Twitter CEO, new censorship. posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, December 01 2021 at 8:12:05PM

It's sad because I loved the internet when it first "came out"- and I was using it WAY before anyone I new, except the one person who told me about it, used it. Before there were any graphical web browsers of any kind. Anyway, at that point, and for some years later, I had very positive attitudes toward it and thought it had great potential. There are many reasons why it was great during the "golden age" - minimal oversight (mainly, the state got off the internet's collective dick and stayed off) - big business were too stupid to realize that the internet could be used to make money, and so they fucked off with their endless greed elsewhere. And so you had a lot of random people making their own websites, and it was cool. After graphical web browsers and search engines came to pass, you'd run a search and the first result would be some guy's Geocities website. And it was interesting. And now the current search engines - as far as I can tell - employ more censorship than China. So between the massive censorship, which is nearly everywhere, encompassing all search engines - which dictates what you're able to find on the web - as well as all social media (where people tend to be shit toward each other, anyway) - everything being patrolled by the state's best human garbage - and focus on money money money - the internet has been completely flushed down the shitter, as far as I'm concerned. At least those so inclined can use it for positive things, if they choose.

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