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Been trying not to go there for a long time now.

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, December 05 2021 at 02:52:51AM
In reply to Mental illness posted by LGsouL on Saturday, December 04 2021 at 0:10:21PM

Such a rabbit hole. I bite my tongue so often, it's a bloody mess.

Because I know, at the very top of that pyramid is a plot to divide the masses that doesn't give a shit about anyone below them.

But really, what is the alternative when they are trying to force the deconstruction of every last vestige of western civilization, with a goal that is either a single massive underclass with a few elites (feudalism?), or worse, the extermination of billions, or even a trans-humanist future that inevitably reaches a dead-end.

All I really know is, they want complete and total dominance and control over the population of the globe. And sadly, I don't think their current sovereign country enemies want to stop that. They seem to just want to be in control of it themselves.

Wayyy beyond my pay grade to figure it out. I feel I know just enough to want to panic. It is a battle not to.

It is sad when you secretly hope for things spilling out into the streets all over the world, but all you really see are demands from zombies who don't realize there is something much greater afoot, which is far more dangerous to our health than any sniffle or historically unfair political system.

They are injecting shit into little kids without effect studies and when kids are not in danger. How is this not registering with people?

They want us gone. Everyone. Most of us.


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