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It's dying a proper death, which is good to see.

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, December 01 2021 at 9:52:11PM
In reply to CEO posted by Butterfly Kisses on Wednesday, December 01 2021 at 9:25:34PM

I liked Elon's photo of the 2 Twitter execs. Pretty funny.

like talking about your dreams of torturing and killing them

Yup. Like I said recently, you can find a few fairly larger podcasts over at Youtube discussing that professor and MAPS story, and they assert that pedos should be killed or exterminated. I wonder what "SUNDAR" thinks of that? Pretty sure he controls Youtube.

The rules seem to only get applied where it matters to political goals.

Mind you, some of these podcasters are the same ones who complain about free speech on college campuses, but fully agree with punitive measures against a professor who wants to have a conversation about choice of words and terms.

Some forgotten ad libbed line to an old Jane's Addiction song comes to mind.. "everybody is just so full of shit.."

Thank goodness there is still a world of little girls to escape to..


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