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My only beef with "that person"

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, November 30 2021 at 04:41:58AM
In reply to I should add... posted by luckless on Monday, November 29 2021 at 07:15:18AM

And as I have stated several times in the past, person being obviously intelligent and skilled and talented, all from a natural and true source...

..was the Hard Candy role. (Well, ok, that other role where she practically destroyed that semi-beta actor's career if I remember (and I might not correctly remember..))

How are we {{{NOW}}} supposed to interpret that, in light of later self-identification, provided the role was chosen for personal reasons??

Why the seething hatred/violence toward a {{{man}}} who was drawn to a female minor?

No, it's not such an easy answer as some would assert. I felt the choice of the role was likely personal to Page in some way. A release of bitterness trying to find expression for years.

I'd offer a certain celebrity daughter, now named "Chaz", who was extremely adorable as a little girl, probably growing up in a free-wheeling environment and sexually-liberated crowd, full of inhibition-lowering substances.

My hunch would be that there are similar stories in their pasts, mostly of not-so-consensual interactions with adults. And we who respect the wills of our love interests routinely shoulder the blame.

I reserve the right to be wrong. I am just stating personal suspicions.

Oh, also, did you just tell us you are female? My reading skills when tired, not so good.


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