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My Tor 11 solution.

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, November 27 2021 at 9:37:17PM

Version 11 has been a clusterfuck for many. I finally found their new cluttered looking comment board and saw many people are having issues with the on/off for Java Script. This is a HUGE security issue if it's true. Also, I can personally agree that my adblocker was showing a blank window even after upgrading to 11.1. So I just went back to 10.5.10 until they get things fixed.

I am not a tech expert, just telling what I did. It was fairly painless:

1- Save any bookmarks to a .json file. I forget which bookmark option you choose for that, but it's easy.

2- Go to the automatic download link and just change the url to version 10.5.10 where you see version 11.

3- Download, install. Import your bookmarks file.

4- Delete/wipe that file, or not.

5- Re-install your preferred add-ons.

6- Change your style preferences to what they were before.

7- Wait for Tor to get their shit together. It's free, so don't get too angry with them unless your IP got compromised while doing something sketchy.

Also, for anyone else who used Ricochet and doesn't keep up as much any more, there's now Ricochet Refresh, still open source, but running v3 instead of v2. I haven't been chatting with anyone for some time, so if that's old news to my superiorly informed cohorts, I apologize.


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