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If you see eE then perhaps you ....

Posted by starlet_Luver on Saturday, November 27 2021 at 05:48:56AM
In reply to I dunno. posted by Eeyore on Thursday, November 25 2021 at 03:02:33AM

..feel it too ?

Again I am one of "Eeyore" many admirers as I have "finally" stated opening many months ago.

So do me a favor, ask "eEyore" if he's "Eeyore" and I promise you he will say "NO".

What I am getting at regarding LGsoul posts above, well you know because you carefully avoided the issue you know that is there and looked outwardly by unknowingly addressing inwardly which shows your gradual acceptance of a "strength" that never belong to "Eeyore" because this "strength" is a weakness.

Eeyore's strength was within himself. A strength that he shared and transferred to many like myself over the years. The tears "Eeyore" drop in the 90s and beyond had power. More power than "eEyore" currently believes in.

I know in your private thoughts you felt that my admiration for "Eeyore" could be taken as some "uncomfortable obsession" by someone who is "relatively unknown" to "Eeyore". I can ensured you that me being "relatively unknown" to Eeyore (And Others) was mainly a calculated decision (signed off by past and presence GC staff). Because I am someone who was at GC the very day it open, who also donated thousands of dollars, who helped GC with matters and who also happens to be the owner of VoA and the owner/supporters of other sites in the community, surely you can appreciate the math behind me of being "relatively unknown" here (and elsewhere).....And NO this is not just about my security.

So your weak attempt to paint me as some outsider who do not love GC and only want to use her to argue, well those "in the know" will laugh at you (Which now will newly include all those who read this post)

So "eEyore" from this point onward, I will address you by this nick if our paths cross again on this forum.

You do not deserve to be called "Eeyore" because you are NOT him.

"Book of Eeyore: Chapter 1, Verse 7"

"Ah, the folly of thinking that one could escape the sight of beauty."


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