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Is this what you have currently on...

Posted by starlet_Luver on Friday, November 26 2021 at 8:28:50PM
In reply to He's mad about their China/NK boy... posted by LGsouL on Thursday, November 25 2021 at 09:29:14AM

..your mind? Your "deeply external" pain or "deeply external" confusion)?

Or do you not see what I may understand about you?

LGsoul, what you said in the post about this case shows us something that is very consistent about you since you came into this community some 14 yrs or more. And that is your willingness to run away.

Something that I always felt was unimportant and was willing to overlook that because, well you were "young" back then. But you are no longer "young" now and that part of you is still there.

You are an incredibly intelligent person with the magic of making connections without having ties and I am not sure if that is a "gift" or a "curse". But if I am force to pick one I will choose it is a "curse".

I've appreciate the gift of you sharing yourself with me via PM and e-mail over the years (Although you shared very little even when you shared ALL)

But despite me seeing you as being intelligent and strong with your (uncomfortable to many) passion for guns and other forms of self protection (Hmmm?), it is this side of you for running away that means "something".

A "something" that gives a more complex picture than the complex picture you wanted to give with the many nicks and personalities you used in the community over the years.

So my reply to you was to share my sadness of not knowing YOU at all in your post about this case.
It was also away to kick myself in the butt to say "you should have paid closer attention to that younger "LGsoul" shortcoming back then".

Note to sL: The hairs on the back of your neck, do not shave them.


About our North Korean/China Staff mod you mention that I was so loyal at protecting (At least as you saw it), well he was temporary banned from VoA and decided to quit the team because HE just like YOU was MISTAKEN as to where my loyalties lie.


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