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Some other good things happening too

Posted by Baldur on Sunday, November 21 2021 at 01:29:39AM
In reply to Good news? Homeschooling is now nearly 12% posted by Eeyore on Saturday, November 20 2021 at 8:11:28PM

Like yourself I am happy to see homeschooling increase. I have also begun to see more stories from legacy media touting the benefits of homeschooling, so possibly we have reached critical mass on this issue - towards homeschooling or at least towards school choice.

Also we are seeing supply chains becoming more regional - at least, a reduction in supply chains that stretch halfway around the world. These formerly made economic sense because shipping by sea is cheap, wages in places like Japan, South Korea, and China used to be very low, and trade allows poor nations to become developed nations - but there was also a big price to be made in the well-being of the middle class in already developed nations.

Now we are seeing a re-shoring of production closer to where those products will be consumed - not for everything, but for some of the most important things. We're also seeing a shift away from China (which has now developed far enough that it no longer needs the external help) to other nations which need the trade for their economic development. In particular we are seeing movement toward producing more in India and - for trade with the United States - Mexico.

At the same time we are seeing a complete overhaul of energy production and the electrification of transportation. We are also seeing changes in how businesses operate, particularly in that businesses are now allowing many of their office workers to work remotely at least some of the time, which saves large amounts of energy and time and expenses.

All of these, to different degrees, have been sped up during what has essentially been a shutdown. (A shutdown is when a factory temporarily closes for maintenance and retooling, so that when it opens again it can be more efficient than ever.)

I expect some other things will also be changing for the better, sooner than anyone thought possible. Every once in a while things need to be shaken up a bit, to allow the old and failing structures to be torn down and replaced with newer ones more suited to a changing environments.

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